Our Top Ten Websites

30 March 2010 by , 2 Comments
Our Top Ten Websites

Like it or not, the internet (or interweb depending on which province you hail from) is part of our daily lives. We use it to do our banking, search for places to take our new girlfriends/boyfriends to and socialize with friends. We’ve compiled a top ten list of websites we could never live without – let us know what yours are and win a free years worth of web hosting from Gridhost!

Slashdot - News for Nerds

For the ultimate Geek – Slashdot is full of wonderful tech news to brighten your day. From Apple to Ubuntu and everything in between, slashdot.org is a great resource for keeping up with technology and movements in a fast changing industry.

Our beloved search engine, encyclopedia of information, bringer of websites. How many of us go through a day without using Google or a Google application in someway? From image searching to hunting for information, Google has simplified our lives by putting a wealth of information at our fingertips.

Keeping you up to date with all the voyeurism one deserves! Facebook makes it to number 3 on the list for it’s ingenious way of connecting people and keeping an eye on your ex husband / wife. If your not on Facebook by now, you should consider moving to a tropical paradise with no computers around so you can sip on that cocktail without the need to chat to others.

The almighty time waster! Glorious videos of ordinary people playing pranks on each other and more. We spend hours on youtube.com (not while we’re working!) browsing for up to date news, interesting talks and much more.

Smashingmagazine.com offers the most up to date design trends with an excellent resource to freebies like blog themes, icons, tutorials and more – definitely worth a visit.

For all the gadgets, gizmo’s and toys you can think of – thinkgeek.com is a haven full of tech goodies to inspire us all! From iTatoo’s all the way through to the coolest accessories on the web.

Possibly the BEST WordPress templates site in the entire world – woothemes.com have a unique blend of style and functionality. Incorporating Google elements into their designs and a comprehensive support forum makes Woothemes one of the most  valuable template resources online today.

The king of free ecommerce solutions. The Magento series of shopping carts (www.magentocommerce.com) has become one of the most liked, user friendly and most of all open source shopping cart platforms around.

From the comical to the factual, ted.com employs some of the most brilliant minds in the world – certainly worth a watch to inspire and humor the soul.

As the strap line says, eHow.com provides you with video tutorials on how to do pretty much everything. From changing a plug to learning how to fly an airplane. Great resource to have in your bookmark collection.

2 Responses to “Our Top Ten Websites”

  1. Muhammad 20 August 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    My Top 10 Websites are:

    1.www.google.com I agree 100% with the description you have listed :)

    2.www.facebook.com Cant live without them.

    3.www.youtube.com in my opinion is a just as good as google and has helped me and sure millions of others gain information on various subjects.

    4.www.w3schools.com contains various free tutorials on web development such as HTML, PHP, CSS ect. Great for people who would like to learn more on web development in a short period of time.

    5.www.sourceforge.net sure everyone enjoys free open source scripts, software and games as much as I do. :)


    7.www.lulu.com makes selling ebooks simple.

    8.www.gscripts.net has a whole load of free website scripts to download.


    and last but not least my own personal website :)

    10. http://www.webspoint.co.za helping individuals and companies sell or buy South African websites and domain names.

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