To Blackberry or iPhone?

17 April 2010 by , 1 Comment
To Blackberry or iPhone?

I was recently faced with what some might call a minor predicament. Although to me, this decision was going to have an effect on the rest of my life for the next two years.

Being an avid Mac fan, or cult member depending on how you look at it, I was in line at the Mac shop in Sydney Australia when the iPhone was launched down under. After swiping my credit card and having the lovely store clerk hand me my beautifully boxed package, I suffered several convulsions as the reality set in. I was now an iPhone user. Albeit the phone I got was a first generation device, I couldnt care less.

The iPhoneThe beginning was fantastic, I could touch the screen, scroll with my fingers and thought life couldnt get better. After surfing several forums and seeing the results of Jail-Breaking the phone, the inner geek took over and before you could say “Gotchya Jobs” I was taken to a magical land of Apps. Not just any Apps mind you, but completely free Apps.

Less to say that later on in the year, I would deeply regret my decision to buy an iPhone so soon after the launch. I had fallen for one of the oldest Apple tricks in the book. Get the user to upgrade the hardware so he can upgrade the software. Clever Steve, real clever.

The problem was, my first generation iPhone had no GPS, a limited camera and a very new firmware that obviously needed updating and some good ol’ fashion elbow grease. It also didn’t work all that well in South Africa considering the phone I purchased had to be Jailbroken so it could work in this wonderful land of ours.

The phone became sluggish, that delay we used to experience on the brick phones of yesteryear came flooding back, bringing with it memories of contempt, dismay and images of slamming these phones onto hard objects in the hopes that a good beating would fix the problem. What we didn’t realize at the time is that slamming the phone down on these solid surfaces has the same effect of pressing the remote buttons harder when the batteries are dead.

After two years of sacrificing MMS, all the new apps, a much needed firmware upgrade and physical hardware upgrades, the day finally arrived. My contract with my provider had expired and I was set to enter the world of mobile phone shopping yet again.

Ironically, the best advice my Ex-Girlfriend ever gave me besides the fact that I should get a dog, was telling me to get a Blackberry.

Now I know what your thinking, Girls cant give advice on technology can they? Au contraire. I was memorized. “You can get your email and send free messages to other Blackberry users!” She said while maneuvering the middle button on the phone and bashing away at the keys.

Now, I do want to put something in contrast here. I am hardly an authority when it comes to cellular phones, but I do know a good thing when I see it.

I wanted functionality – a phone that would not keep me bound by hardware and also, a fancy little leather case to go with my new toy.

Blackberry Storm 2Walking into the service provider’s store was simply Ayoba. My feet crossed the threshold as the automatic doors swung open and I was unleashed into mobile heaven. Little salesmen, begging for me to buy their products, trying to persuade me that their product was better than the Berry I was about to purchase.

Walking out, I felt reborn. I had my new phone and the setup and configuration was quick, the response of the phone, snappy and most of all the Storm 2 was a good looking piece of kit.

I am now at my desk whenever I want to be, surfing through cyberspace with a semi decent 3G connection I can manage our customers idea’s and feedback easily and quickly. Seamless syncing with my Macbook makes it even better. I can even sync my music.

Although the phone does indeed have some drawbacks which I’m not going to get into now, the pro’s quickly outweigh cons in comparison to most phones I’ve owned.

So, in conclusion my BB (That’s Blackberry for potential owners) has made not only my working life easier, but made communicating with friends in all manners a much easier task.

After receiving a stray BB message (which is free!) from my Ex-Girlfriend confirming a date we never had, made or even discussed, I took it all in and decided she was right. Getting a dog was the best thing next to the phone I could have gotten.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Tomasz 14 July 2010 at 4:50 pm #

    iPhone is by far the best :)

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