Upgrades, New Look, New Packages

14 September 2010 by , 2 Comments
Upgrades, New Look, New Packages

Hello Gridhosters and welcome to a brand new look and feel. September means that a new season has arrived and we’ve got some great things to share with you all.

New Website Launched

Today, Gridhost unveiled it’s new website with a brand new logo and strap line. We figured that people can see for themselves that our pricing is the best in town, so why not tell everyone what the service is about? We all thought that Web Hosting Made Simple was the penultimate choice and really emphasized what our brand stands for – We hope you like it :-)

Package Upgrades

Let’s delve into the more juicy tid bits. This month see’s upgrades to some of our packages, namely our Standard and Unlimited Package.

Standard Package: Upgraded Disk Space by 1,000 Megabytes, now 3,000 Megabytes

Unlimited Package: Upgraded Disk Space by 5,000 Megabytes, now 10,000 Megabytes

New Products!

This month also brings some exciting new products to the Gridhost lineup. Today, we’ve introduced our WordPress Hosting Package – A first within South Africa.

The package is built and optimized for WordPress and includes HUNDREDS of gorgeous pre-installed themes so you can be up and running quickly. We also included a plethora of plugins to help optimize your website for search engines and, have better control over all. You can view more information on the package by visiting: http://www.gridhost.co.za/wordpress-blog-hosting

Pricing starts at R39.95 Per month and comes with 30 email accounts , 2 Gigabytes worth of disk space and includes all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from Gridhost.

SSL Certificates

Let’s catch our breath for a minute and tell you about another great addition to our product lineup. Say hi to our lineup of SSL certificates. With prices starting at R279,95 per year, it’s possible for anyone to secure their site and start selling good online in a secure manner. Our entry level SSL certificate is issued within minuted and provisioned straight away. Please remember, you need to order a dedicated IP address should you be hosting with Gridhost

Online Sales and Support Chat

We think, out of all the features, this one shines out above all the rest. We’ve added another means to communicate with us. Introducing Live Chat. We must stress that 24/7 availability is coming soon, but for now, it will be running for business hours (8:30am – 6:00pm) Monday – Sunday. If the chat button says we’re online, feel free to click it, otherwise, kindly leave a message, call us or submit a support ticket.

You can now chat with a Live Gridhost Representative anytime during the hours listed – So hop on and give it a try even if you want to compliment us on our 100% customer focused service.

Easier Navigation

Find what you need quicker and easier. We’ve restructured our menu to provide access to information on our services quickly and efficiently. We hope you like the improved navigation system.

The Current State of Gridhost

The month of August saw extremely great gains for Gridhost in terms of customer signups and general product growth. Once again, we have you to thank for spreading the word about us and telling your friends what great work we’re doing over at camp Gridhost.

We’ve also introduced new servers for signups as we don’t like to overload any of our servers – This ensures that your hosting account remains quick, speedy and available at all times.

But let’s not stop there – we have some great features to pack into our web hosting offerings and we’ll be releasing these to you as the year draws down.

For now, please enjoy the new features, upgrades and feel free to contact us should you require anything at all.

The Gridhost Team

2 Responses to “Upgrades, New Look, New Packages”

  1. JC 15 September 2010 at 10:48 am #

    Wow guys… the best just got better! Thanks a mil!

  2. Gridhost 15 September 2010 at 12:39 pm #

    Thanks for the awesome words JC!

    The Gridhost Team

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