Gridhost implements new Credit Card security

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Gridhost implements new Credit Card security
Dear Gridhosters,

We wanted to take a minute to let you know about our security measures regarding Credit Card Payments.

To begin with, Gridhost takes your privacy extremely seriously, this is a policy that is passed to all payment methods, specifically Credit Cards.

Gridhost is a 3D Secure Merchant – this means that your bank needs to issue you with an online pin before we process any new transactions – your card would also need to be enrolled for 3D Secure, most cards issued over the last 6 – 10 months are.

This is an added layer of security and acts as an online pin to ensure you are the owner of the card and can receive sensitive information via your cellular phone from your bank.

Your credit card details are NOT stored with Gridhost – they are passed to the bank for storage under the PCI DSS System (

Gridhost then sends a Token Number for storage at our Payment Gateway – The token number is a mix of letters and numbers and around 40 – 50 characters long. The token is unique to Gridhost and the Bank which means no one else can make use of this token to process a payment against your card.

When Gridhost attempts a debit on your credit card, we tell our Payment Gateway to debit against a Token number, NOT an actual credit card – The Payment Gateway then sends an encrypted request to the bank instructing them to deduct funds against a Token number which the Bank then decodes against your credit card number which is stored with the bank itself.

When you enter your credit card details with Gridhost, it is always performed on a secure connection (SSL) which means the coding of the card is done securely and passed along as mentioned.

To add further fraud preventative measures, Gridhost does not allow access to the client area from specific overseas locations – This means that no one can access the client area from overseas without an additional login.

We also block the usage of ALL international cards with a few exceptions.

To sum it up, when you provide your credit card details to us, they are kept safe and secure. The process is extremely complicated from a technical point of view, but we’ve made it as simple as possible to ensure that your information is always kept private and that you can easily effect payment in a safe online environment.

We have had many requests to implement different options of payments – we are currently working on Debit Orders and will slowly start rolling this out in the next month or two – details of which will be made available through an email.

As always, we advocate a transparent operation and felt it important to let you know how your details are processed.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Gridhost Teamimages

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